Oct. 21-22, Binghamton, NY

NYSHRA’s conferences provide powerful opportunities for the harm reduction community to connect, learn, and build power. Stay tuned for updates on:

  • Conference Schedule and Agenda of Sessions
  • Keynote Speakers
  • Registration/Hotel Logistics
  • Scholarships for People of Lived Experience

Why attend the NYSHRA Conference?

NYSHRA is building on the success of the Western New York Harm Reduction Conference, which it co-hosted in 2022. That conference drew together a large and powerful network of harm reduction practitioners and advocates, as well as people interested in learning more about harm reduction.

2022 NYSHRA Conference by the Numbers

  • 285 people attended in person
  • 134 people attended virtually
  • 29 speakers shared their expertise
  • 33 scholarships allowed people of lived experience to travel and attend

Read the full 2022 Conference recap here.

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